2019 Election Candidate Statements

Wendy Ibarra (2nd VICE PRESIDENT)

I am seeking your vote as Local 2019’s 2nd Vice-President to continue advocating for my fellow AFSCME members as I have continuously served for the last three years. As Recording Secretary, steward, executive board member, Chairperson for Job Inquiry committee, member of the Constitution, Council 57, party and Women’s committees,  I been active at conventions, lobbying and ensuring that L2019’s concerns affecting our members are addressed. Those whom I have helped  know that I’m available to listen, honest  in answering questions and unabated in challenging inconsistencies within the district. With your vote, I’d gladly serve as your L2019’s 2nd VP.

Gary Walters II (2nd VICE PRESIDENT)

I respectfully request your support for my candidacy as the next Local 2019 2nd Vice President. I have 22 years of Union activism in Local 2019/444 as a Steward in three departments and an Executive Board member for 4 years. I strongly believe in Fiduciary responsibility, putting the Members interest first in decision making and Expenses. I have a wide knowledge base regarding past practices and the ongoing relationship between the District and Union representation. Equally beneficial is the network I have established at all levels and Locals here at EBMUD and throughout organized Labor.

In Solidarity,


George McQuary (TRUSTEE)

Please vote for me as Trustee! I’ve taken the AFSCME Treasurer and Trustee training from AFSCME International, and know the high auditing standards we need to meet pass the international’s requirements. Being Trustee is a hard, thankless job that involves staring at a lot of numbers. Fortunately as a Senior Software Engineer, numbers and the software to check them just come naturally to me. Thank you!



I’m Kim Darling, Administrative Clerk, in the Accounting Division, I have been with the District for 24 years, and I am seeking your support as an Executive Board Member and Steward for Local 2o19.  I look forward to supporting and representing union members rights as well as ensuring that fair decisions are adhered to within the union.  I’ m eager to work towards positive change within our local and foster improved communication between the District and employees.  I look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

In solidarity,


Upon joining the District in 2006, I had my trepidations about switching from the private sector to Local 2019.  I soon recognized the power of the union when we nearly went on strike during contract negotiation.  Over the years, Union representatives and board members helped further my career and ensure my job classification reflects the work assigned.  I would like to acknowledge their efforts and help fellow brothers and sisters with improving their careers and benefits.  I would be honored to represent you on the Local 2019 Executive Board. 


George Cleveland (STEWARD)

I have been a shop steward since 1997.  It is the leadership position in Local 2019 about which I am most passionate.  During the past 22 years it has been a privilege to help you, our members, protect their hard-fought union rights.  I’d like to continue doing that.  Would you please vote for me?  Thank you.

In solidarity,

William Zavala (STEWARD)

I William R Zavala am standing for reelection as a Local 2019 Shop Steward.  I have successfully served as a Steward for the last 2 years and wish to continue in this capacity.  I firmly believe that all employees deserve to be respected and have their voices heard!  I am convinced a strong and vibrant Union is the best way to accomplish this goal, all the while bringing the democratic process to the workplace.   Together with your help, we will continue to make EBMUD a safe environment for labor.  Thank you for your vote!