Results of 5/30/2019 Elections


*Joey Smith –   Unopposed

1st Vice President

*Justin Young – Unopposed

2nd Vice President

*Wendy Ibarra – Unopposed

Note: After the printing of the ballots, Gary Walters II was ruled ineligible under Article X, Section 1 of the Local 2019 Constitution based on lack of continuous membership in the local for the full 6 months prior to the election. Therefore Wendy Ibarra was the only eligible candidate for the office of 2nd Vice President and was elected by acclamation.

Recording Secretary

*Laurice Brown – Unopposed


*Gus Cicala – Unopposed

Membership Secretary

*Susan Bell – Unopposed

Chief Steward

*Kasie Evans – Unopposed


*Eric Fieberling – 101

George McQuary – 50

Executive Board (2 positions)

*Kim Darling – 91

*Colin Moy – 89

Ausberto Beltran – 75

Shawn Kunstal – 42

Steward (10 positions)

*George Cleveland – 128

*Justin Young – 112

*Wendy Ibarra – 89

*Kim Darling – 86

*Han Barrett-Liu – 78

*Laurice Brown – 75

*Emiliano Esparza Gonzalez – 74

*Jakira Jekayinfa-Brown – 73

*Brian Mulhern – 70

*Marcella Khan – 69

Shawn Kunstal – 67

Amy Bowman – 64

William Zavala – 64

Douglas Graver – 57

David Johnson – 56

* Elected as of June 18, 2019

VOTE Douglas Higashi for EBMUD Retirement Board!

At the May 21, 2019 Executive Board meeting, AFSCME Local 2019 voted unanimously to endorse Doug Higashi for the EBMUD Retirement Board.

Doug has been a member of the retirement system since 1991 and is a former member of Local 2019.

Doug pledged to “continue to focus on prudent policies, improving the funded ratio, and on maintaining the funds top performance.”

We look forward to working with Doug to help maintain a healthy retirement system.

2019 COLA Increase

While the National Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers increased by 0.2% in February 2019, our efforts during the 2017 contract negotiations will result in a raise above the national average (and our negotiated floor of 2.0%)!

The San Francisco/Oakland Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W) for February 2019 just came in at 3.3% 

After including the 0.50% negotiated raise, our total increase is 3.8%

This increase will be effective on 04/15/19, appearing our your 05/03/19 paycheck.

Thank you for being a member of Local 2019 and helping achieve this increase for your Sisters and Brothers!

In solidarity,


**Note this is subject to verification with HR

Lucha Obrera: Latinos and their Unions in Mid-Twentieth-Century San Francisco

Historian Eduardo Contreras will discuss the centrality of unions and labor organizing in Latino life from the 1930s to the 1950s. Drawing on material from his new book, Latinos and the Liberal City: Politics and Protest in San Francisco (UPenn Press, 2019), Contreras will explain how unionization transformed Latinos into political actors and how the pursuit of rights, power, and recognition emanated — first and foremost — from their unions. Contreras conducted a considerable amount of research for this book at the Labor Archives and Research Center (LARC) at San Francisco State University.

Where:  ILWU Local 34 hall, 4 Berry Street, San Francisco (at 2nd Street on the Embarcadero next to Giant’s Stadium)

When:  Friday February 22nd | Refreshments at 6:30pm, program at 7:00pm

Refreshments courtesy Knight’s Catering (represented by UNITE HERE Local 2)

Both events are free and open to public | Wheelchair accessible