Candidate Statements for 2018 Elections

Please see below for 3 candidate statements for the current election.


Mortay Mendoza (for Executive Board)

My name is Mortay Mendoza and I thank you for the nomination and consideration to run for re-election for the EBMUD AFSCME Local 2019 Board of Directors. I have served as 2nd Vice President of the Executive Board of Directors for Local 1 AFSCME in Contra Costa County, a 5000 member union. I currently serve on the EBMUD Board of Directors and negotiation team. I am looking forward to progressing our union forward as laws and regulations change while maintaining fluid union operations and making sound decisions. If elected, I look forward to serving the union in a higher capacity for years to come.

Thank you,

Mortay Mendoza


Wendy Ibarra (for Shop Steward)

I’m Wendy Ibarra, Customer Service Representative II in the Contact Center since 2004.

Currently I hold positions within L2019 as Recording Secretary, Officer, Executive Board Member, and Steward, as well as serving on various committees.

I request your vote for Union Steward where I will support and represent union rights as well as ensuring the district adheres to our MOU.  I’m eager to work towards positive change within our local and foster improved communication between the District and employees.  I look forward to the opportunity to serve you.


Ron Lastimosa (for Shop Steward)

Hello, my name is Ron Lastimosa. I have been with EBMUD and Local 2019 for the last seven years. I have twenty years of experience in the mortgage/real estate industry and majored in Finance at the University of San Francisco.

I have extensive experience in resolving conflict with city/county tax departments, title companies, agents, attorneys and customers. I accepted this nomination because I’m proud of what L2019 has done for me and my family and I wanted to return the favor, roll up my sleeves and “kick in” for the cause by helping solidify the union’s support of its member in this capacity.. I hope you find that I can be impartial, non-biased and forthright in representing our union members..thank you for your time..

General Salary Increase (COLA) – 2018

While the National Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers increased by 2.2% in February 2018, our efforts during the 2017 contract negotiations will result in a raise above the national average (and our negotiated floor of 2.0%)!

The San Francisco/Oakland Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W) for February 2018 just came in at 3.8%.

After including the 0.50% negotiated increase, our total raise is 4.3%.

This increase will be effective on 04/16/18, appearing on your 05/04/18 paycheck.

AFSCME Local 2019 Membership Update – JANUS – Green Monday (02/26/18)

Brother and Sisters,

On Monday, the Supreme Court of the United States will hear oral arguments in the JANUS v. AFSCME case regarding whether public sector agency fee arrangements should be declared unconstitutional under the First Amendment.

You can learn more about the case at

We ask that you wear green on Monday in a show of solidarity.

Another note…Employee Relations prohibited me from sending this entire message to you using District email (a violation of Article 5.3 of our MOU…IMHO).  They stated that the content wasn’t specific union business and offered to allow a compromise email that removed almost all of the first paragraph.  I responded with the following:

“We strongly disagree that the content of our original message is not union business.  Additionally, it contains no salacious or inflammatory material that is directed toward the District, its employees, or its policies.  We believe this action by Management is a violation of the MOU, disrespectful and undermines the ability of the Local to communicate with its membership (a lawful and protected Union activity).”

Stay tuned…

Please wear GREEN this Monday, February 26.