AFSCME Local 2019 Negotiating Team Election Results

George Cleveland and Jay Morgan have been elected to the AFSCME Local 2019 negotiating team. Kasie Evans was elected as the alternate.

A total of 172 ballots were cast in the election. The final tally of ballots was as follows:

George Cleveland         77
Jay Morgan                    68
Kasie Evans                   33
Susan Bell                      28
Rosa Merced                 24
Syed Rahman                23
Han Barrett-Liu            19
Matt Harray                  16
Gary Walters II             11
Drew Lerer                     8
Yu Lin                              8
Detra Washington         8
David Johnson               7

There were 11 invalid ballots which were not tallied. The Election Committee’s complete report will be provided at the AFSCME Local 2019 General Membership Meeting on July 19, 2016.

Thank you to all the candidates for running and for all members who voted. Your participation is what makes our union strong!

Candidate Statements for International Convention Delegate

Two of the six nominees for the AFSCME Local 2019 Delegates to the 2016 International Convention have submitted statements. We will vote for a total of four Delegates. Please see below for the two nominee statements.

David Johnson
Ranger/Naturalist II

My name is David Johnson. I have helped my local 2019 brothers and sisters as a shop steward for the past five years. Representing Local 2019 as an AFSCME International Delegate would give me the chance to meet our Union Leaders, talk with other activists about issues and utilize the convention workshops to become a stronger asset for Local 2019. I appreciate the nomination and thank you for your vote.


David Johnson


Mark Foley
Info Syst Support Analyst II

Thank you for nominating me for International Convention Delegate.

AFSCME International, our parent organization, has become too entrenched in politics and lost touch with our mission to improve the working conditions of our middle class members.

I look forward to challenging AFSCME International’s leadership to do more…

• More tools (training and research) to help Locals succeed at the negotiating table
• More involvement by Local leadership in the International’s decision making process
• More transparency in the way the International conducts business

I would be honored to have your vote and represent Local 2019.

Thank you.