Negotiations 2017 – Update 48

Side/Joint Table Negotiations Update (#48) for January 18, 2018

The Last Mile

We are in the end game and AFSCME has put across the wage proposal that can bring these negotiations to a conclusion. We urge all members to attend the Board of Directors meeting Tuesday at 11:00 am and demand that they accept this proposal and get us all back to working under a contract.

At the Side Table, Management continues to reject the request for an equity adjustment for the Electrical Engineers. This is the most compelling case for an equity adjustment that L2019 has made in the last decade (maybe longer). Management’s choice not to make a reasonable effort to hire and retain the Electrical Engineers required for core District work does not bode well for the District’s future.

At the Joint Negotiations Table, Management moved up on the Transit Subsidy to $130 but held firm on their wage proposal of 3.8% in year 1 and +0.5% in years 2, 3, and 4. Management’s lead negotiator reiterated that he has no more authority to move on wages.

The Joint Team (L2019 + L444) responded with Transit Subsidy to $140 and moved wages significantly towards the management proposal at 4.0% in year 1, and agreeing to Managements numbers of 0.5% in years 2, 3, and 4 and also agreeing to Management’s numbers on ceilings. The Joint Team believes that this is a reasonable wage package, but in order to sign off on this package proposal, the Board of Directors must authorize the additional 0.2% in year 1.

If you think this package proposal is agreeable and/or want the negotiations to end next week, then attend the Board of Directors meetings to convince them to move on the wages and equities.

We are scheduled to meet with Management on Tuesday afternoon, so your participation is vital in getting a fair contract!