Time For Action!

Tired of negotiations dragging on? Insulted by Management’s weak wage offer? December 12th is your chance to pressure the Board of Directors to bring negotiations to a positive resolution. Fill out a vacation leave slip for 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm and tell the Board what you want from negotiations or stand in solidarity with your Union Brothers and Sisters. Wear your GREEN AFSCME shirts.

The EBMUD Board is offering slightly LESS than a CPI salary increase (Feb 2017 data) for the first 13 months of the new contract.  The Board is NOT yet offering salary retroactivity.  The Board has REFUSED to increase the monthly Transit Subsidy which has been unchanged for well over 10 years.  The Board has NOT acknowledged the major concession the unions have made from exchanging Health Net insurance with Sutter medical, effective January 2019.

During 2007 negotiations, it took a Board action like this and a subsequent weekend demonstration in Lafayette at then General Manager Dennis Diemer’s house to bring about a fair contract.  It appears Locals 2019 and 444 are heading down that same path again.

Election Results

Please see below for the latest AFSCME Local 2019 Election results. Thank you to all those that participated in the process.

Officers  (seven elected)

President:                Mark Foley

1st VP:                      George Cleveland

2nd VP:                     Jamie MacDonald

Chief Steward:       Kasie Evans

Treasurer:              Gus Cicala

Recording Secretary:       Wendy Ibarra

Membership Secretary:   Susan Bell


E-Board  (two elected)

Joey Smith

Matt Harray


Stewards  (ten elected)

Amy Bowman

Han Barrett-Liu

Brian Mulhern

Susan Bell

Doug Graver

Navneet Virk

David Johnson

Emiliano Esparza

George Cleveland

William Zavala

Joe Scornaienchi has been appointed to a vacant steward position whose term will expire in 2018