2016 Elections – Call for Nominations!

In accordance with our Constitution (Article X – Elections), we will be requesting nominations for the following offices at our regular General Membership Meeting on Tuesday, April 19, 2016:

· 7 – Executive Board Members

· 10 – Stewards

· 4 – AFSCME 42nd International Convention Delegates

· 11 – Alameda Central Labor Council Delegates

· 1 – Contra Costa Central Labor Council Delegate

· 1 – San Joaquin/Calaveras Central Labor Council Delegate

Please see here for additional information:
AFSCME Local 2019 Call for Nominations – 2016


We are still working on finishing the members-only portion of our website so that we can better communicate Local 2019 business with just our members.  Until then, we are placing the most important documents and updates on the public pages to keep you informed. Please check out our Membership Resources and Union News pages for the latest! More updates to come in the following days.
Also attend the General Membership Meetings every 3rd Tuesday at 4:30pm at the Admin Building, Large Training Room (TRC 1) to stay informed and stay connected.

Read the uncensored (our word, not managements) GMM agenda here

Employee Relations has told L2019 that we cannot email you the unedited January Membership Meeting agenda because it contains an item titled “AFSCME Council 57 U.S. Presidential Endorsement Discussion”. 

They claim this is a “Political Purpose” that is prohibited due to a recent revision to Procedure 453 – Technology Use and Privacy Procedure (we formally opposed the revised langauge).

As we suspected, this revised language is being used to prohibit ANY activity that MIGHT be considered “political” by Management.

The uncensored GMM agenda is available here:

01-19-16 General Membership Meeting Agenda

In Transition

Like many things in life, our website is currently going through a time of change.  Now whether it is for the better or worse, only time and space will tell.  We hope you appreciate that some things are worth the wait, and we definitely appreciate your patience as we pick up the pieces and put them all in their newly assigned place.  If you have major concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Local Leader or Steward.  Friends and colleagues are also always a good source of help.

Thank you for all you do and for making our membership worth being a part of.

The New Web Team