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Our current MOU expires April 25, 2021. We are therefore ready to start negotiations with the District. However, negotiations may be difficult at present due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Negotiations team is looking to gauge the interest of our members in extending the current contract for 2 years rather than entering full negotiations. We are also attempting to include a small pay increase at CPI + 0.5%, with a 2% floor, for each year.

Please complete the form below. We need your Employee ID in order to verify that you are a Local 2019 member. However, if you leave Name and Email Address blank, we will anonymize your response when looking at the data. As always, we prefer if you do include your name and email so we can follow up with you if needed.

Please respond by Friday, December 18th.

Would you like to extend the contract rather than entering full negotiations? (required)

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