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Review Your Work Rules

Employee Relations was asked to collect and review the various division and section work rules for the purpose of refreshing the work rules. The attached revised redlined work rules are relevant to Local 2019 membership, and therefore being distributed for your review. If your group isn’t in the list below this means the work rules weren’t revised. Please talk to your supervisors if you haven’t seen a copy of your groups work rules.

Work Rules were refreshed with the following in mind:

  • Delete references to groups or sections that are no longer within a division or section
  • Ensure language that is contrary to labor regulations is removed
  • Remove specific quotes from the MOUs, Policies, and Procedures, to include removal of specific MOU Article numbers and sections
  • Remove specific names of employees and substitute titles where appropriate
  • Update references to Personnel Policy Statements & Procedures to the applicable Policy or Procedure
  • Standardize sick leave language
  • Remove obsolete language and practices (e.g. use of Nextel phones)

Please give any feedback or suggestion no later than Monday, August 17, 2020.

Note: Work Rules for the Contact Center have changes that falls outside of categories listed above to Dress Guidelines. Field Services have changes to Absence Reporting and Handling of Cash Payments section. So please review those sections thoroughly.


Customer and Community Services Department

Contract Equity General Office Rules and Guidelines

Contract Equity Vacation Leave Priority Guidelines

Customer Contact Center Division (See Note)

Field Services Division (See Note)

Mail & Remittance Processing


Engineering & Construction Department

Design Division

Drafting Section

Facilities Engineering Section


Materials Engineering Section (now GES) Work Schedule

Pipeline Infrastructure Division


Finance Department

Accounting Division

Finance Department


Operation & Maintenance Department

Distribution Maintenance and Construction and Pipeline Construction and Equipment Division

Facilities Maintenance and Construction Division

Regulatory Compliance Office

Water Treatment & Distribution Division


Wastewater Department

Laboratory Services Division Standby Program

Laboratory Services Division Compressed Work Week

Laboratory Services Division Policy on Extended Lunch Breaks

926 Wastewater Planning Work Rules

928 Wastewater Design Work Rules

929 Electrical and Control Engineering Work Rules


Water & Natural Resources Department

Fisheries & Wildlife Uniform Guidelines

Fisheries & Wildlife Work Guidelines

Natural Resources Department Work Guidelines

Water Resources Planning Division

Water Supply Division


Please give any feedback or suggestion no later than Monday, August 17, 2020. Fill out form below.

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