Negotiations 2017 – Update 49

Side/Joint Table Negotiations Update (#49) for January 23, 2018

Thank you, you did it!!

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A tentative agreement (TA) has been reached with Management on a new contract. Your participation at the Board of Directors Meeting got us the 4% in year one. It also got us $145 in transit subsidy. In order to ensure full salary retro-activity, AFSCME made the difficult choice of replacing Admission Day with the Day After Christmas, effective calendar year 2019.

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At the Side Table, a TA was reached for the GIS and Senior GIS Specialists, resulting in a 1 step increase and new job description. As for the Associate Controls Systems and Electrical Engineers, their compelling case fell on deaf ears. Management acknowledged the ongoing problem but refused to do anything.

The next steps are to hold brown bags and the ratification vote. Brown bags will be held at various locations where you can have your questions about the TA answered by the Negotiations Team.  Thereafter a ratification vote will occur where you can say “yes” or “no” to the TA.

If a majority of the membership votes “yes”, then the TA will go to the Board of Directors for adoption.

If a majority votes “no”, then the Negotiations Team will go back to the negotiations table with Management.

The Negotiations Team believes that as a whole this TA benefits L2019’s membership and we recommend ratification.

Watch your inbox for emails announcing brown bag and ratification dates and times.