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PEPRA Participation Incentive

Your Local 2019 Leadership has reached a tentative agreement with the District on a side letter
agreement to address the PEPRA Deferred Compensation match issue the District identified in a memo
to us last November. We will be holding a vote via Election Buddy on the new side letter starting on
Wednesday, January 25, 2023.

Tentative Agreement (side letter)

Original Contract Language

See below for details on voting. If you have any questions, contact leadership through the comment section.

DETAILS ON VOTING:  A secret ballot online ratification election will be held and members will
receive their ballots via work email. The ballot may be held up by the District’s Mimecast spam filter.
Look for a message titled “You have new held messages” from, then
“Release” the subject email if necessary. It is expected that you will receive your ballot for voting
around 1:00 PM on Wednesday, January 25, 2023. The email will come from Election Buddy
( and will be titled “AFSCME Local 2019 Side Letter Ratification
Vote.” You will be able to vote anytime online from the time of ballot receipt until 4:00 PM on Friday,
January 27, 2023.  Each voter link is unique, and you will be unable to change your vote once you
submit it. We will announce results no later than Monday, January 30, 2023.

If you don’t receive your ballot or if you have any issues with completing your ballot, please contact
Monty Ramirez ( or Kym Anderson

“Yes” vote means:
 You accept the terms of the side letter agreement. If the majority of voters say “yes”, then the
side letter terms supersede Article 19.3.4. of the MOU.

“No” vote means:
 You reject the terms of the side letter agreement. If the majority of voters say “no”, leadership
will continue to work with the District to try and reach an agreement that is acceptable to the
majority of the Membership.

-Union Leadership

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