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Ballots are on its way!

The 2024 Local 2019 Elections are here! A ballot for contested positions will be mailed to your home address with a pre-addressed, stamped envelope. Further instructions will be included with the ballot.

If you’re not a current member and would like to vote, you will need to join by May 16, 2024. Please contact Diane Eggering at for more information.

Ballots must be received by Thursday, June 13, 2024 at 4:00 pm.

The Election Committee will announce the results at the June 18 membership meeting.

Candidate Statements

Chief Steward (2 years)

Samantha Oliva

My most valuable relationships and experiences have been advocating for members as an EBoard Officer and Steward. My involvement with Local 2019 began during last negotiations; I presented an equity adjustment for System Water Quality. Shortly thereafter I joined the EBoard and became a Steward. To build on these skills, I have attended numerous AFSCME trainings and shadowed our Interim Chief Steward. I pride myself on honest and direct communication with our members and especially management—as many of you have undoubtedly witnessed. As your Chief Steward I am committed to continued advocacy and holding management accountable. 

Chief Steward (2 years)

Gary Walters II

I bring to the table 25+ years Union activism in roles such as:  Steward, Board Member, Acting Chief Steward, Contract Negotiator, Member Organizer, and International Delegate. I’ve participated in multiple types of interviews, investigations, board of adjustments, and skelly hearings. I work well with AFSCME Local 444, 16 years in Local 444 and 11 years in 2019. It’s important to me to speak up for those that are hesitant to use their voice.

Trustee (3 years)

Shawn Kunstal

I’ve held this Trustee position for the past four years and hope to continue serving 2019 as Trustee. It’s a simple position, but it’s integral to ensuring your union is responsibly managing your dues. Please vote for me.

Thnak you

Election Commitee

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