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Ballots Have Been Sent via Mail

The 2023 Local 2019 Elections are here! A ballot for contested positions will be mailed to your home address with a pre-addressed, stamped envelope. Further instructions will be included with the ballot.

Ballots must be received by Thursday, June 1, 2023 at 4:00 pm.

Election Committee will announce the results at the June 20 membership meeting.

Candidate Statements

Executive Board Member at Large (2 years term)

Margaret Langry

During the COVID-19 pandemic I became more inspired to participate in union activities, searching for opportunities to serve and accepting them when offered. I’m an Admin Clerk and have wanted to see more representation from the Admin classifications. I accepted the E-Board Member-at-large nomination because I want to advocate for members who don’t see their own classifications well represented.

Thank you.

Executive Board Member at Large (2 years term)

Christian Narvaez

I am running for an Executive Board Member at Large for AFSCME Local 2019. As an Associate Mechanical Engineer in Plant Engineering Services, I have extensive experience in project management and preparing materials reviewed by the District’s Board of Directors. I would like to use my skills to educate and help fellow union members to make informed decisions about their future. Thank you for your consideration for this position!

2nd Vice President (2 years term)

Jewel Manila

As an Executive Board member, I have tirelessly advocated for members’ needs, assuming key responsibilities on the Contracting Out, Labor Management, Women’s, and Telecommute Committees.  My leadership experience has taught me the importance of collaboration and communication between members, union leadership, and management. As 2nd VP, I will prioritize member engagement and empowerment, bridge connections, and bring new ideas for a stronger, united union.  I am committed to working with leadership in members’ best interests and ensuring every member has a voice.  Let’s work together to continue building a better union.  

2nd Vice President (2 years term)

Gary Walters II


I offer 25+ years of Union activism in AFSCME at EBMUD, 5 years on the L2019 Board, member of the last Contract Negotiating Team, 10+ years as steward, a voice for those without a voice or reluctant to use it due to retaliation, and equal representation and advocacy regardless of my self-interest.

I bring an extensive network in all levels at EBMUD. I produce responses to Members that approach me or put them in touch with an individual that can.

I will make the time to address L2019’s needs and make L2019 my priority.

In Solidarity.

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