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Candidate Statements for 2018 AFSCME International Delegate

Please see below for four candidate statements for the 2018 AFSCME International Delegate position (in randomized order). There are six candidates total, of which four will be selected.

David Johnson
Most of us have never met because I work as a Ranger Naturalist upcountry. My name is Dave Johnson. I’m a shop steward and executive board member. I got involved in Union Leadership because I felt it important for upcountry union members to be connected with what is happening in Oakland. Representing Local 2019 as an AFSCME International Delegate would give me the chance to talk with other activists about current issues and utilize the convention workshops to become a stronger asset for Local 2019. I appreciate the nomination and thank you for your vote.

In Solidarity,

Dave Johnson


Mark Foley
Thank you for nominating me for International Convention Delegate.

Labor unions are at a crossroads.  The Supreme Court will likely rule against us in the JANUS case and we MUST change the way we operate to survive.  Our focus needs to be on the membership.

I look forward to challenging AFSCME International’s leadership to do more…

• More tools (training and research) to help Locals succeed at the negotiating table
• More transparency and involvement in the way the International conducts business

I would be honored to have your vote and represent Local 2019.

Thank you.


George Cleveland
I became active in our Union in 1997. Since then I’ve been: steward, Chief Steward, Executive Board member, 1st Vice-President, and contract negotiating team member in 2003, 2011, and 2017. As a steward I’ve worked continuously and effectively for 20+ years to protect your workplace rights.

Being a delegate at the International Convention will be a valuable experience. If you elect me as a delegate, the knowledge I gain will benefit our Union as we deal with the consequences of the Supreme Court’s upcoming decision in Janus v. AFSCME.

I would be honored if you vote for me.

Thank you,

George Cleveland


Mortay Mendoza
I thank you for the nomination and consideration to run for the position of AFSCME International Delegate. I have served as 2nd Vice President of the Executive Board of Directors for Local 1 AFSCME in Contra Costa County, a 5000 member union. I currently serve on the EBMUD Board of Directors and negotiation team. I am looking forward to progressing our union forward as laws and regulations change while maintaining fluid union operations and making sound decisions. If elected, I look forward to serving the union in a higher capacity 5, 10, 15 years from now.

Thank you,

Mortay Mendoza

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