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A Few Words from our Nominees

The 2020 Local 2019 Elections are here! A ballot for contested positions will be mailed to your home address with a pre-addressed, stamped envelope. Further instructions will be included with the ballot.

Ballots due: Thursday, June 26, 2020 at 4:00 pm


Candidate Statements

Executive Board Member at Large (2 years term)

Lindsay Edelman

My name is Lindsay Edelman and I’m running for the Executive Board Member at Large. From attending Union meetings during COVID-19, I’ve seen advocacy of worker’s rights, the push for modernization, and a devoted, experienced team. I’ve also seen a lack of union involvement from my generation and newer employees, which represent the majority of the workforce. Each generation has made a significant contribution to its labor force, and I hope to do the same. My goal is to learn from well-experienced leaders and share the millennial perspective in decision-making. It would be an honor to represent your voice.


Jakira Jekayinfa-Brown

I am running for re-election of my E-Board seat. During these past 2 years I have served as a member on the E-Board. I hope to continue to serve where I can be a voice for members who represent the 2013 pension plan, as well as for Electrical Engineers who we’ve had a hard time recruiting and retaining.


Syed Rahman

I have been with the District Since May 1997 and accepted my nomination to serve a 2 year Executive Board Member term to ensure the majority of our union members are represented adequately. With an experience of over 6 years serving as Executive Board Member for Local 2019, I feel very qualified to fulfill this honor and promise to do my best to execute my duties in the interest of our union brothers and sisters. I believe the union can work effectively together with the management of EBMUD to provide safer, fairer, and mutually beneficial wages and benefits for all.

AFSCME International Virtual Convention Delegates

George Cleveland

I became active in our Union in 1997. Since then I’ve been: steward, Chief Steward, Executive Board member, 1st Vice-President, and contract negotiating team member in 2003, 2011, and 2017. As a steward I’ve worked continuously and effectively for 20+ years to protect your workplace rights.

Being a delegate at the International Convention will be a valuable experience. If you elect me as a delegate, the knowledge I gain will benefit the Union as we deal with the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I would be honored if you vote for me.  Thank you.

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