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2021 Elections – Candidate Statements

The Local 2019 Election ballots have been mailed! Be on the lookout for a mailing from AFSCME Council 57.

Candidate statements can be found below (in alphabetical order, by office then name).

Thank you for your involvement in Local 2019!


Wendy Ibarra (for 2nd Vice President)

I humbly ask for your vote to continue advocating for my fellow AFSCME members as your 2nd VP. For five consecutive years now, I have been an active officer of our Executive Board, a Chairperson on various committees, and as a delegate for Council 57.

Currently, I serve as your 2nd VP, Telecommute Chairperson, and Steward. I actively lobby for our members’ concerns regarding job equity, safety, and minimizing our exposure to COVID-19 by advocating Work from Home.

With your vote, I can continue as Local 2019’s 2nd VP to ensure our leadership represent our members’ diversity and their concerns.


Adam Edgell (for Executive Board Member At-Large)

In my brief stint filling out the remainder of a term as an Executive Board Member at Large, I have already learned so much about the dedicated effort that goes into making Local 2019 work for our members, and I see so many incredible opportunities to contribute to those efforts. I sincerely hope that you will elect me back into this position and give me the opportunity to put a full Board term into realizing my goal of being a meaningful contributor to the success of the union and of the District.


Jewel Manila (for Executive Board Member At-Large)

Over the last few years of becoming more involved with Union activities-currently serving in the Contracting Out, Telecommute, and Women’s committees-I have experienced firsthand what it takes to advocate for members and realized that I could and should do more, so I accepted the nomination for Executive Board Member-at large.  If elected, one of my goals is to identify classifications that feel they may not be as well represented within our membership and hear their concerns.  Our Union needs dedicated, compassionate, strong leadership and I believe I am up to the task.


Richard Romero (for Executive Board Member At-Large)

My service with the District started in 1995. For the first 10 years I was a member of Local 444 and served as a shop steward for several years. Since coming to local 2019 I’ve been an E-board member and Shop Steward for about 6 years while working in Field Services. The last 7 years have been working in SWQ. Been on 2019 E-Board for about a year now. If elected I will continue to stand up for workers’ rights and working conditions. I appreciate your support and am honored to represent you.


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