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COVID19 Update #5

  • Thank you to everyone who submitted survey responses. We’ve received ~200 responses from our ~700 members. We’ve discussed the info in broad terms with management, and have reached out to a few members to get more information about their situation to share more specific examples.
  • The tighter language in the new shelter-in-place order (especially Section 5 and Appendix A) has caused some additional, much-needed movement from the District. If you feel you are still being put in a position counter to the order, please fill out a new survey response and/or email
  • All work places should have a completed Social Distancing Protocol (Appendix A) posted at the entrance and shared with employees and the public, as of 11:59pm on April 2. Please check that your facility has a copy posted and that everything that is stated in the checklist is being followed. If not, please send a note to
  • We urge everyone to work from home if you have the ability. No one should be reporting to complete non-essential tasks, or essential tasks that can be completed from home. We know some members may prefer to report to the office because they can be more productive away from home, but we need to prioritize long term health and safety of our employees and community over short-term productivity. The District’s EOT communication from April 2 indicated that employees “will be” directed to work from home. We recognize that these messages don’t always make it to all staff, we so we urging you to work with your supervisor on maximizing your telecommuting, in the absence of specific directive from the District.
  • If you do not have equipment needed to work at home, please make a request through ISD. They have limited equipment available.
  • We are still working with the District trying to get assurance that all employees will be paid as we respond to this crisis, especially as construction jobs are being put on hold, and we’ve had our first positive COVID cases at the District.
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