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Election Results

Please see below for the latest AFSCME Local 2019 Election results. Thank you to all those that participated in the process.

Officers  (seven elected)

President:                Mark Foley

1st VP:                      George Cleveland

2nd VP:                     Jamie MacDonald

Chief Steward:       Kasie Evans

Treasurer:              Gus Cicala

Recording Secretary:       Wendy Ibarra

Membership Secretary:   Susan Bell


E-Board  (two elected)

Joey Smith

Matt Harray


Stewards  (ten elected)

Amy Bowman

Han Barrett-Liu

Brian Mulhern

Susan Bell

Doug Graver

Navneet Virk

David Johnson

Emiliano Esparza

George Cleveland

William Zavala

Joe Scornaienchi has been appointed to a vacant steward position whose term will expire in 2018

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