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Happy Labor Day

Labor Day has great meaning to many. Yes, a three-day weekend filled with family gatherings, last-minute end of summer trips, barbecues and fun, but it means so much more to those of us in the Labor Movement.

There is a long history of workers rising up to fight back against the injustices placed upon them. And I hope there is a long history ahead.

As labor leaders and union members, it’s clear our job is not done. It has only just begun. In our local union, there are past Local 2019 labor heroes blazing a new path. Let’s take a moment this holiday weekend to remember those heroes that came before us. Or perhaps march side-by-side with our next generation of Labor heroes who may be fighting for worker’s rights.

On Labor Day we give thanks for our ability to work, for access to jobs, fair wages and opportunities to grow. Have a Happy Labor Day as you take time off to enjoy the day.

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