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The Results Are In!

Thanks to all of our members who voted in the 2020 Elections,
and CONGRATULATIONS to all of our elected candidates!

We held the ballot count for our 2020 Elections on
Friday, June 26 in the Council 57 Headquarters at 5:00 P.M.

The count was witnessed and recorded by our Business Agent, Kym Anderson. The Ballots were verified by Election Committee members: Marcy Khan-Committee Chair and E-Board Member at Large, Laurice Brown-Recording Secretary and Wendy Ibarra- 2nd Vice President.

The Election Committee appreciates the virtual assistance from our Membership Secretary, Diane Eggering, for providing expedited verification for our newly signed members.

162 total ballots were received, of which 7 were unsigned and not counted and 1 was returned undeliverable by the US Postal Service. Therefore, we counted the 154 eligible ballots. Of these, only 151 casted votes for Executive Board Members at Large, and only 153 of the 154 ballots were counted for AFSCME International Virtual Convention because 1 ballot voted for more than 5 candidates.

Election Results

The Breakdown of the votes cast for the candidates on the ballot are the following, with elected candidates underlined

Executive Board Member at Large (2-year term, 4 Positions)
Jakira Jekayinfa-Brown 103 votes
Syed Rahman 100 Votes
Mortay Mendoza 95 Votes
Lindsay Edelman 81 Votes

David Johnson 69 Votes

AFSCME International Virtual Convention (5 Positions)
Justin Young 131 votes

George Cleveland 127 votes
Joey Smith 108 votes
Han Barrett-Liu 83 votes
Leslie Richardson 83 votes

Colin Moy 60 votes
Jose Perez 53 votes

Unopposed Positions

1st Vice President
Justin Young
Gus Cicala
Membership Secretary
Diane Eggering
Chief Steward
George Cleveland

Executive Board Member at Large (1-year Term)
Ausberto Beltran
Doug Graver
Richard Romero

Diane Eggering
Doug Graver
David Johnson
Barbara Kolodziejski
George McQuary
Joseph Scornaienchi
Gary Walters II
Detra Washington
William Zavala

Alameda County Labor Council Delegates
Laurice Brown
Joey D. Smith
Contra Costa County Labor Council Delegate
Joey D. Smith
San Joaquin County Labor Council Delegate
Joey D. Smith

Positions not up for election in 2020

The following officers will continue their terms until 2021

Joey D. Smith
2nd Vice President
Wendy Ibarra
Recording Secretary
Laurice Brown
Eric Fieberling

Executive Board Member At Large
Colin Moy
Leslie Richardson

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