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The wind at our back on Labor Day

Dear Local2019,

This Labor Day, you can feel the excitement and the momentum. Working people are jumping at the chance to experience the union difference. Worker activism is on the rise everywhere you look, as more people are fighting for their voice on the job and a seat at the table.

Unions remain overwhelmingly popular. A new poll from the AFL-CIO shows that more than 70% of Americans have a favorable view of unions, and that rises to 88% among those under 30 years old. And according to a new Gallup survey, growing numbers of people believe unions help the economy and want unions to be stronger.

We’re seeing this energy as we travel around the country on our “Staff the Front Lines” bus tour. People are turning out for our hiring events in droves – roughly 1,000 people showed up to apply for available public service positions in New York City earlier this week! They know these are good jobs, with excellent benefits and a promising career path. They know these are very often union jobs that come with strong rights and protections.

No doubt about it: Life is better in a union. This Labor Day, we honor the sacrifice of all working people. And we celebrate the contributions unions make to the strength of the economy and the nation.

In solidarity,

Lee Saunders

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