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What Local 2019 Is Doing to Organize Against COVID-19 [COVID19 Update #1]

We want to ensure the safety of our members and the greater community during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are providing this update in order to provide our members with information, and also to get feedback from our members.

First, please see EBMUD’s FAQ document regarding COVID-19 which lays out some resources and best practices, including links to the CDC and CDPH websites and tips on personal hygiene.

We are meeting with Management for a second time on Monday, 3/16. Please send us any questions or concerns you may have as it relates to the COVID-19 at work. Please visit our feedback form to provide us your questions and concerns, so that we can share and discuss with management.

We encourage you to discuss the possibility of telecommuting with your supervisor. The District has technology which allows employees to work remotely on their District PC. This gives home access to software, network drives, processing power, etc. that are on the user’s District PC. If it’s possible in your role, explore getting an RSA key/app on your phone (District or personal) and setting up Remote Terminal access so you can access your District PC.

Please let us know if you have concerns about your ability or willingness to telecommute. For example your supervisor is not being flexible or if you do not want to use your personal equipment for District business, please put that information in the Feedback Form. The Telecommuting guidelines can be found HERE.

If telecommuting is not an option, please consider alternative work schedules and discuss with your supervisor. We encourage you to discuss with your supervisor the possibility of canceling or rescheduling in-person meetings, when possible.

We are also asking Management for more flexibility in standard leave policies and will discuss this with them in further detail at our next meeting.

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