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Work from Home Forum

On Tuesday, February 15, Winnie Anderson, Interim Director of Human Resources sent the email about the plans for long-term telecommuting called the Work From Home Handbook (WFH Handbook). Over the past 18 months, our L2019 Telecommuting Committee has diligently worked with District management and Local 21 to develop the WFH Handbook that best supports our members.

Our union won several important provisions in the WFH Handbook such as removing a requirement that employees must telecommute from a location within the District service area and making the plan more flexible to allow for telecommuting schedule modifications. While we did not win allowing full-time telecommuting in certain circumstances, L2019 will continue to keep advocating for this change.

For now, the District wants to have all employees come into the office at least two times a week. This will be a test for long-term telecommuting and how we can maintain a collaborative workplace. If the current Work From Home implementation goes well, Clifford has directly told our union that he is willing to explore full-time telecommuting. Additionally, management has committed to regularly meeting with our union on the handbook to check-in on how the process is going.

The Work From Home Handbook are guidelines, not District policy or procedure. Your individual telecommuting arrangement can be worked out with your supervisor and department.  While we wait for the implementation of the WFH Handbook, we encourage you to start discussing your long-term telecommuting arrangement with you supervisor now and let us know how that discussion is going.

Union Brownbag – Thursday, March 3, 2022 5:00-7:00 pm

To hear our membership’s comments on the Work From Home Guidelines, the Telecommuting Committee will host an after-hours discussion on Thursday, March 3, 5:00 -7:00 p.m. Please plan to attend if you are a L2019 member interested in long-term telecommuting. You can also send us your comments or questions prior to the event at


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