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Want to Know More About Your Latest Raise?

2020 COLA Increase

While the National Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers increased by 2.3% in February 2020, our efforts during the 2017 contract negotiations will result in a raise above the national average (and our negotiated floor of 2.0%)!

The San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W) for February 2020 just came in at 2.5%

After including the 0.50% negotiated raise, our total increase is 3.0%
This increase will be effective on 04/13/20, appearing our your 05/01/20 paycheck.

Thank you for being a member of Local 2019 and helping achieve this increase for your Sisters and Brothers!

Dues Update

Full-time Local 2019 members will see an increase in the flat rate portion of their dues from $37 to $40 per month. Part-time members will see an increase from $24.42 to $26.42. This increase will appear on the May 1, 2020 paycheck, along with the negotiated general salary increase of 3%, so that no member has to experience a decrease in his or her take home pay.

This increase is to help keep in line with increases in the “per capita” dues rates by Council 57 and AFSCME International over the years. According to Local 2019’s Constitution, the flat rate portion should match the per capita dues rate as required by Council 57 and International. However, since 2014, Local 2019 has elected to keep the members’ dues steady, and subsidize the flat rate portion by absorbing the annual increases to per capita dues within the Local’s budget.

Local 2019 currently pays $46.80 per typical full-time member to Council 57, International, and local Labor Councils. The increase from $37 to $40 in flat rate dues continues to subsidize members’ dues, but also helps the Local keep more of its dues revenue at the Local level.

The per capita dues help pay for Council 57 resources, such as legal advice and an assigned Business Agent which help the Local navigate complex labor issues. AFSCME International and Council 57 also offer essential training and other resources to the Local.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Gus Cicala, Local 2019 Treasurer, at x1264 or


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